TTorg (Transverse tubular system regularity analysis)

Authors: Côme PASQUALIN (come.pasqualin at univ-tours dot fr) - François GANNIER (gannier at univ-tours dot fr)
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History: 2014/09/03: 1.0 - first version
2014/12/12: 1.1 - fix path on Linux, fix Hanning function (please, erase all hanning image in TTorg folder)
2016/07/22: 1.2 - fix Hanning Image path, help button added
Source: Link to GitHub.
Requires: ImageJ 1.47 or later.
Installation: Download and unpack in a TTorg subfolder inside the plugins folder, then restart ImageJ. A TT button should appear in toolset's bar. If not Select "Striation Analysis Menu" in Plugins/TTorg to add button.
Description: The TTorg plugin uses microscopy images (usually opened with the Bio-formats plugin) to analyse the organization level and the regularity of the transverse tubular system in muscle cells. See following article for a complete description :
Publication: "Automatic quantitative analysis of T-Tubule organization in cardiac myocytes using ImageJ"
Côme Pasqualin, François Gannier, Claire O Malecot, Pierre Bredeloux, Véronique Maupoil
American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology 2014,
DOI: 10.1152/ajpcell.00259.2014

TTorg interface uses a minimum set of options to reduce human intervention. Minimum and maximum spacing are low and high pass filters. A threshold can be set (SSPD) to adjust the sensitivity and specificity of transverse tubules detection.

[interface] [interface2]

Menu and output for organization analysis.


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