Creating Vector Map

Authors: Côme PASQUALIN - François GANNIER (gannier at univ-tours dot fr) University of Tours (France)
See also: Others productions for ImageJ from the authors
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[map][vector plot]

Vector plot from Isochronal map.

Requirements: File must be an isochronal map and must be calibrated[menu] in each dimension i.e.'Image/show Info' must have a calibration function (8 or 16-bit image) or a calibration unit (32-bit image).
- Calibration is automatically set with Isochronal function.
- To manually calibrate/edit : Use 'Analyze/Calibrate'.
Before using tool: Create/Open an isochronal map.
Using tool: Choose "Vector map[menu]".
Leave the Magnitude to the default values (-1), this should be changed if arrows are too small.
Leave the Density factor to the default values (-1), change if the density of arrows isn't adequate (note: the larger the number, the lower the density).
These two values are given in the 'Log' window.
You can display intermediate images (angle & magnitude should be of interest).
Click "Ok". The construction of the map shouldn't be too long.
After using tool: If arrows are too small or too dense, restart 'vector map' and change density/magnitude factor.


- Magnitude factor: define the relative size of arrows.
- Density factor: define the relative number of arrows.

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