Echocardiography LV area analysis during contraction

Authors: Côme PASQUALIN - François GANNIER (gannier at univ-tours dot fr) University of Tours (France)
See also: Others productions for ImageJ from the authors
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Description: Spiky can help to analyse echocardiography images by the measurement of the change in surface cavities of the heart.


[echo][echo plot]

Peak analysis of left ventricular (LV) area variation computed from echocardiography.


Results table of peak analysis.

Requirements: File must be a stack and must be calibrated in each dimension (Use Ctrl+Shift+P)[menu] .
This analysis starts from an unique point chosen when you perform a right click to start the contextual menu.
Before using tool: You need to select "wand tool[bc] ", left click on the area, then double click the wand tool and set the "wand tolerance[bc] ": change progressively the tolerance to see the selected zone (keep a correct margin). Valid the option box. This value of tolerance will be used to detect the area of interest.
Using tool: Place the cursor inside the correct zone and right click, choose "Plot Result from Wand[menu]" from contextual menu to get the plot.
After using tool: When the plot is correct, use "Peak analysis".
Tips: If the plot isn't correct:
- try to right click on a different point.
- try to change (generally lower) the tolerance.
- if the image has a poor contrast, the wand tool cannot detect correctly the edge of the area, so try to slightly rise the contrast of black values. For that, use "Brightness and Contrast[bc] " but only for minimal values. Do not forget to apply on all images in the stack.
- if only some points are bad, try the wand tool on another point inside of the corresponding image.
- if only few points are bad, use the list button, clear each bad values, then use the "plot result" button.
- ...

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