SarcOptiM (High Frequency Online Sarcomere Length Measurement)

Authors: Côme PASQUALIN - François GANNIER (gannier at univ-tours dot fr) University of Tours (France)
See also: Others productions for ImageJ from the authors
Utilisation: Description / Installation / Utilisation of the plugin

Online Video Analysis Box: General options
[Online] - Approximative Nb of points: total number of acquired points
- Min-Max SL: pass band filter
- Display: format of graph
- Limit to video Freq.: Adaptation to the video frequency with compatible video capture module
- VFreq time out: time out for "Limit to Vfreq" or waiting time until the image is analysed
with "Limit to Vfreq" checked, this value MUST be COMPATIBLE with the video frequency, i.e., greater than 1/Vfrequency.
with "Limit to Vfreq" unchecked, this value should be equivalent to the time between 2 frames, i.e., 1/Vfrequency.
- Display SL while acquiring: Displaying points on graph during acquisition can limit the acquisition frequency. Uncheck to allow high frequency analysis and current SL displayed in the status bar.
- Advanced Options: open the below Advanced options box

Online Video Analysis Box: Advanced options
[Advanced Online] - Precision: precision of the high resolution timer of SarcOptiM (recommanded to not change this value)
- Points in HiRes analysis: optimisation in SL determination, number of points used on each side around the maximum of the FFT spectrum inside the passband filter.
- Buffer of array: when "Display SL while acquiring" is checked, define the size of the buffer, a larger buffer could limit the acquisition frequency, a smaller buffer can limit the number of points displayed in graph
- Display duration: when "Display SL while acquiring" is checked, define the size of the Time-axis
- Mode Debug: display some information in the log window
- Display Framerate: at the end of the acquisition, open a new graph displaying the framerate of acquisition

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