HF_IDS_Cam (High Frequency IDS Camera Capture)

Authors: Côme PASQUALIN - François GANNIER (gannier at univ-tours dot fr) University of Tours (France)
See also: Others productions for ImageJ from the authors
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History: 2015/07/09: 0.1 - First version
2015/11/17: 0.2 - Add 10/12/16 bits suppport
2015/12/08: 0.3 - Speed optimisation, works now at full camera speed
2016/01/06: 1.0 - Compatibility with JNA 4.2
Requires: tested on ImageJ 1.49t but should works on older.
Limitations:There is no IDS driver for Mac OS so only Linux and Windows are supported
Installation: Install the driver of IDS for your OS.
Download last version of jna.jar and jna-platform.jar and copy them in the jars folder. (Rq: the plugin was tested with version 4.2.1; jna.jar is already included in FIJI)
Download and copy IJ_IDS_Cam.jar in a subfolder inside the plugins folder (eg : Camera), then restart ImageJ.
Description: The HF_IDS_Cam plugin has been tested with the IDS UI-122x Monochrome model but should work with every IDS camera. The UI-122x camera possesses binning mode (X2 and X4) and AOI selection capacities, thus allowing very high frequency video acquisition (tested until 600 fps : see screenshoot 2)
The new USB 3.0 IDS UI-3060CP camera has also been tested at full resolution/full speed (1936x1216 at 82 fps) and with AOI (1936x32 at 1468 fps)


binning mode must be chosen at start


Gain can be set manually, pixelclock can be changed to choose between speed and luminosity.

In this screenshoot, binning x4 and AOI (188x120) are set, expected FPS is 600 Hz and calculated FPS is shown in status bar.

Usage: You can easily synchronize your script with the video. Each time the image is updated, a value "Cam.newImage" is set to "true" (see following exemple)
Example:to insert in your script :

	while (call("ij.Prefs.get", "Cam.newImage","false") == "false") {
		wait(1);  // wait for the next image come - reduce CPU usage
	// here the image is updated
	call("ij.Prefs.set", "Cam.newImage","false");
	// you must set the "Cam.newImage" to false in the script
	// make what you want with the new image
Thanks: We thank the company "STEMMER Imaging" (Suresnes, France) for providing us with an IDS UI-1225 monochrome camera.
We thank the company "Imaging Development Systems GmbH" (Obersulm, Germany) for providing us with an IDS UI-3060CP monochrome camera.

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